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How To Rebuild Your Door Panels

Don't Cover It With Sheetmetal, Learn The Correct Way To Rebuild Your Door Panels.

By Jefferson Bryant, Photography by Jefferson Bryant

Once completed, the door panel reinstalls just like the original. We installed new push clips in place of the original rusted pins. OPG also offers replacement cups for the door, which are sometimes missing or broken. The entire operation including front and rear panels took about a day to complete. Our Judge is back to cruising the strip in style, and now, no more mildew scent!

Description Part Number Source Price
Door panels GP910BK OPG $119.95
Rear panels GP913BK OPG 63.95
Armrest bases front DP6230 OPG 46.95
Armrest bases rear CH24775 OPG 144.95
Armrest pads front ARP0008,9 OPG 42.95
Armrest pads rear ARP0025,6 OPG 39.95
Mounting clips CH25223 OPG 12.85
Windlace 68AWLBK OPG 28.30
Spray adhesive, pint   Local shop 10.00
By Jefferson Bryant
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praveen kumar98
praveen kumar98

To start with, vacuum and clean the leather seats thoroughly and pay special attention to remove dirt and surface grime from the seams. Keeping them free from dust and spills is an ongoing process. Clean the leather seats with a soft cloth dipped in a mild detergent and warm water or denatured alcohol. Rub the cloth using circular motion to get rid of the initial dirt. 


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