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2012 CCSN Presenting Sponsor

Chevrolet Performance

CHEVROLET PERFORMANCE invites you to see the ZL1 and other special vehicles as CHEVROLET PERFORMANCE Presents the CAR CRAFT Summer Nationals in St. Paul MN July 20-22.

2012 Camaro ZL1

The 2012 Camaro ZL1 is the highest-performing production Camaro of all time. It is literally like nothing you've ever driven before. Built to be track-capable right from the showroom, and tested on some of the most rigorous tracks around the world, including the Nuerburgring, where it clocked in at 7:41:23. This is the car every engineer dreams about building. Every racer dreams about tearing around the track. And every owner dreams about--a sports car that looks mean, but feels comfortable and docile enough for daily driving.

In 1969, 69 regular-production Camaros were installed with ZL1 all-aluminum racing engines. In that moment, those mythical 69 cars became the pinnacle in Camaro performance. The ZL1 name is derived from the all-aluminum racing engine of the same name, which was developed in the late 1960s and installed into a handful of regular-production 1969 Camaros. Only 69 were built with the engine, but they've achieved mythical status among enthusiasts, as they represented the pinnacle in Camaro performance - until now. The 2012 ZL1 model is designed to be a major leap forward for the Camaro, bringing a new level of performance capability to the segment.

6.2L SC V8 Engine: The 580-horsepower, 556 lb.-ft. of torque, 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine can be mated to a Tremec(R) 6-speed manual (MG9) or HydraMatic(R) 6L90 automatic transmission. This aluminum-block engine is based on GM's legendary small block V8 architecture and features an intercooled supercharger system and premium heat-resistant aluminum alloy cylinder heads.

Eaton(R) Supercharger The uniquely designed sixth-generation intercooled 1.9-liter Eaton(R) supercharger gives ZL1 additional thrust and more force. The 4-lobed supercharger enables a broad range of power through the rpm band, giving the engine great low-end torque and excellent horsepower at the range where a supercharger generally loses its effectiveness.

ZL1 is designed to be driven exactly like it should be--hard. The fuel system has added fuel pick-ups to maximize the amount of fuel available even under high g cornering on the most aggressive tracks. The standard Tremec(R) 6-speed manual transmission comes with a revised short-throw shifter for increased precision.

The dual-mode exhaust enables peak performance at high engine speeds, and has been engineered to create an aggressive sound at idle without overwhelming when cruising at a steady speed--the drawback of some aftermarket performance exhausts. Designed to be Driven Hard!

1953 Suburban "Detailer"

Being one of the oldest living nameplates in the United States, the Suburban has been a cornerstone for Chevrolet and the American truck market. With Chevrolet commemorating 100 years of history, the Performance Division put together this distinctive enthusiast “nod” to the rich history of the Chevrolet brand and the legacy of the Suburban. Capitalizing on the storage functionality of the 1953 Suburban, the concept of the ultimate vehicle detailing machine was derived. GM Design Center and the Performance Division covered all of the “details” with this awesome ride including an LSX crate motor and LSA supercharger kit from GM Performance Parts, powering this master machine to 665 horsepower and 610 ft. lbs. of torque. The rear storage unit contains all functional “Detailer” components including a water reservoir, air compressor and generator for powering all the detailing tools.

1970 Chevelle

With the dawn of the Crate Powertrain upon us, the Chevrolet Performance project car build team set out to test just how simple it was to install the final product in a car that is typical of what GM customers are building. Working with the team at Chevrolet Performance, a first of it's kind 1970 Chevelle reproduction body was procured, and the project was on! The Chevelle project came to life with the help of GM Design Center, working in cooperation with Dale Earnhardt Jr., conceptualizing elements that reflect the ageless vehicle design with the innovations of modern high-performance technology.

Details like the Black Diamond paint, Camaro Track Pack rims, and re skinned Camaro front buckets only hint at the supercharged LS monster that lives under the hood. Dropped down on a custom suspension, bolted to an original '70 Chevelle frame and coupled with Goodyear Super car rubber, the car actually looks like it has a chance at hooking up under full boost. With the help of strategic aftermarket suppliers the team was able to meld the nostalgia of the 1970's muscle car with many of the cutting edge performance/safety components available on today's top performance vehicles. Inside the vehicle, the build team kept things traditional - you'll even find a horseshoe shifter like an original Chevelle. All of these assets came together just in time for the car's debut at the 2011 SEMA Show.

And, thus, the "Connect & Cruise" Crate Powertrain Chevelle was born! It's got the modern, sophisticated drivetrain of a new CTS-V with the 556 horsepower that this classic muscle car deserves.

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