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Better Head Gear

What it is: New Arc Armor Digital Elite auto-darkening welding helmets and headgear
Why you care: If you’ve ever had your helmet fall into your face while you are trying to talk to a customer, you know how important good head gear is. Miller’s new gear is designed to be more comfortable, easier to adjust, and tougher than previous models. In addition, Miller had launched some new graphics including pinstripes and flames and designs aimed at female welders.
How much: $369 for Inferno, our favorite
Learn more: Miller; 920/734-9821;

We Test It!

G-Floor Peel & Stick Floor Tiles

This is the third time we’ve removed everything from an editor’s garage, cleaned and prepped the floor, and tried to apply some kind of lasting surface. The first attempt was simple floor paint we found in the paint aisle of a warehouse store. It went on easy and lasted about two months before it bubbled under a fuel spill. The second attempt was an epoxy floor paint designed for garages—meaning the manufacturer claimed it could handle tires and the occasional oil spill. It worked until the first time we rolled a heavy engine stand across the surface. The steel wheels and the weight of an iron small-block with a 6-71 supercharger on it crushed the paint, and it began to flake. Our latest attempt at a durable surface was the G-Floor Peel & Stick Tiles shown here. They are made from solid vinyl and are advertised to resist gas, oil, and battery acid. We had them installed by professional tile guys to save time, but it is possible to do this yourself. To date, they’re holding up to the aggressive wheels on the hoist and the engine stands without buckling or tearing. The tiles are available in various colors and can be arranged in checkerboard black and white.

Learn more: Better Life Technology, LLC;

Drag Race Switch Panels

What it is: A pre-configured wiring kit to power up your race car Why you care: With Mastercell and Powercell technology, wiring a race car is as simple as connecting your Mastercell inputs to the switch, connecting the Powercell output to the load and battery power, then plugging it back into the Master. You can run any load with one input from the Mastercell, eliminating complex circuits that include relays and yards of heavy wiring. How much: $1,299

Learn more: Alston Racing; 874/394-3500;

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