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Buy Ted's toolbox or he'll shoot.

Ted has looked better.>>>

What It Is: ted Nugent-licensed Snap on toolboxes.
Why You Care: they're novel, aren't they? guitar hero, carnivore, and guntoting conservative ted Nugent lent his name to Snap-on's line of lifestyle toolboxes, aimed right at the heart of outdoorsmen like Sweaty teddy. They come with all the usual features that put Snap-on on the upper echelon of tool manufacturers, such as doublewall construction, welded inner walls, and ball-bearing drawer sliders.
How Much: Limited edition + Snap-on = expensive. Contact your local rep.
We Say: Insert funny "Stranglehold" reference here.
Learn More: Snap-on tools Co.; Kenosha, WI; 877/762-7662;

Soda That Takes Weight Off
What It Is: a soda blaster for the home enthusiast now for sale from eastwood.
Why You Care: Soda blasting is one of the best ways to remove paint. It's environmentally safe, it doesn't damage glass, chrome, or the base metal, and the residue left behind prevents rust from forming on the bare metal. What's especially cool about this machine is that you don't need a giant compressor to run it. It operates on 7 cfm of air at 80 psi. Plus, it can be switched from soda to abrasive blasting if you've got some rust to blast away, too.
How Much: final pricing is to be determined but will be less than $250.
We Say: Hard to beat that price.
Learn More: the eastwood Company; Pottstown, Pa; 800/343-9353;

Save Your Trans
What It Is: throttle valve correction levers from Phoenix transmission.
Why You Care: We hear it all the time: Lots of people have trouble properly setting the tv cables on their transmissions, especially the 700-R4. things get worse if they replace the factory carb with an aftermarket one, too. If your tv cable is out of whack, it causes all kinds of problems-late shifts, overheating, and complete failure to name a few. these correction levers get your aftermarket carb and factory tv cable working in happy harmony. Kits are available to match up Holley, edelbrock, and Barry grant carbs to 700-R4, 200-4R, or aod transmissions.
How Much: $29.85
We Say: We thought these guys were out of arizona.
Learn More: Phoenix transmission Products; Weatherford, tX; 817/599-7680;

Put Away The Spray Paint
What It Is: Chrome plating services from Just dashes.
Why You Care: these days, it's easier to restore the outside of your car than it is to restore its interior. More parts are being offered for makes, models, and years. Still, interior pieces can be hard to come by. But with Just dashes' new chroming services, you can just reuse your stock pieces. the company says it's able to restore any cluster, bezel, or gauge back to factory condition.
How Much: depends on what you want. Call for a quote.
We Say: Make your interior nice, that's where you spend most of your time.
Learn More: Just dashes; van Nuys, Ca; 800/247-3274;

Funny-Looking Flashlight
What It Is: Moroso's spark plug magnifier.
Why You Care: It's a cool way to inspect your plugs up close and personal. It combines 3.8X magnifying and a source of light that allows shadow-free viewing in great detail. It sure beats eyeballing your plugs at the track under the parking lot lights.
How Much: TBD. ask for PN 62347.
We Say: Moroso says it's a cost-effective alternative to expensive medical otoscopes. We ask: What's an otoscope?
Learn More: Moroso Performance Products; guilford, Ct; 203/453-6571;

Where'd These Come From?
What It Is: Lt4 cylinder heads from edelbrock.
Why You Care: We were surfing our favorite message board aside from the one on one morning, and out of nowhere, a dude posted a link to these heads, brand-new from edelbrock. We hadn't even seen the press release yet. So here they are-CNC-ported Lt4 aluminum heads. With 195/75cc intake and exhaust runners and 54cc CNC combustion chambers, edelbrock says these heads flow 265 cfm at 0.600-inch valve lift. Combined with edelbrock's air-gap intake and Lt1 cam, you're looking at 406 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. a claimed 76hp/50lb-ft increase over stock Lt4 numbers.
How Much: Look for a retail price around $980 each.
We Say: are the gen II engines seeing a resurgence?
Learn More: Edelbrock; Torrance, Ca; 310/781-2222;

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