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1964 Mopar - Build A Max Wedge For Under Seven Grand

Photography by Steve Magnante
Description PN PRICE*
Long-block, '78 Dodge motorhome CN400663-440-9 $163.44
Crankshaft, '78 Dodge cast iron Incl. w/long-block
Balancer, stock '78 Dodge 440 Incl. w/ long-block
Flexplate, B&M 10237 79.95
Rods, stock '78 Dodge Incl. w/ long-block
Rod bearings, Clevite CL-77 tri-metal M77CB527P 47.95
Rod bolts, ARP 3¼8 inch ARP-145-6002 57.95
Pistons, KB Silvolite cast hypereutectic KB146 313.99
Piston pins, press-fit, incl. w/ KB pistonsRings, Total Seal moly CR6490-35 80.95
Main caps and fasteners, stock Dodge Incl. w/ long-block
Main bearings, Clevite 77 tri-metal, fully grooved M77MS876P 55.95
Oil pan, Milodon 7-qt. MIL-31010 145.95
Oil pickup tube, Milodon 1¼2 inch extra length MIL-18330 39.95
Oil pump, Mopar Performance high-vol. P4286590 89.95
Oil-pump drive, Milodon 21505 64.95
Windage tray, Milodon 32000 41.95
Dipstick, Mopar Performance P4349629 17.88
Heads, '78 Dodge 90cc chambers 4006452, incl. w/ long-block
Valvesprings, Isky 380 lb. single with surge damper ISK935DR 107.69
Intake valves, Milodon 2.08 stainless single-groove MIL-45650-8 99.00
Exhaust valves, Milodon 1.74 stainless single-groove MIL-45655-8 99.00
Retainers, Mopar Performance 8-degree chrome-moly P4452033 127.20
Locks, Mopar Performance 8-degree single-groove P4120618 87.90
Rocker arms, Mopar Performance 1.5:1 ratio, stamped steel P4529743 81.88
Isky 292 Mega hydraulic flat-tappet kit, single-bolt 165129 174.88
Pushrods, Isky adjustable-length 3¼8-in. chrome moly 1693 90.00
Timing set, JP Performance double-roller three-bolt JPRB 89.00
Intake manifold, A&A 440-port Max Wedge cross-ram RMWACRIM-14 1,395.00
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