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Painting Our Project AMC Rambler - Show-Car Prep

Think you're done when the paint is dry? Finish the car with a little Show-Car Prep

Product List
Craftsman 6-inch bench-top buffer$99.00
Craftsman compound buffing set5.99
Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish7.14
Craftsman 6-inch buffing wheel6.29
Craftsman 8-inch buffing wheel14.99
Eagle Waterproof Abrasive Paper, superfine 1,200-grit 50-sheet pack21.32
3M Super Duty rubbing compound, 1-quart bottle15.19
3M Superbuff buffing pad 5701, 9-inch, two-sided26.20
3M Superbuff polishing pad 5704, 9-inch, two-sided28.31
Meguiar's Mirror Glaze swirl-free polish, 32-ounce bottle15.49
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