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1964 Oldsmobile F-85 Build - The $3,500 Challenge

How To Build A Cool, 13-Second 455 Olds F-85 For Very Little Cash.

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Interior Digs
The Olds' exterior has the perfect street-racer/barn-find patina that is popular right now, and we don't plan to change it except to get rid of the surface rust and sand and primer/sealer the roof. But the interior was 40-year-old shabby and was in need of serious intervention. Tim had his buddy Jack Weimer install the OPG seat covers front and rear. We dug up a used carpet set from one of our old Chevelle projects, and with a little spitand polish, we had the interior looking decent. Tim rescued a pair of absolutely ancient Stewart-Warner gauges from his archives to clue us in on oil pressure and water temp.

Once we did all this, it became apparent the San Andreas Fault-sized dashpad cracks would have to go. Finding a used pad on eBay seemed like an exercise in frustration, so we yanked the whole dash apart and commissioned Just Dashes to rejuvenate the pad. It cost us five big ones because of the size of the job, which included recovering the glovebox door, but the result completely transformed the look of the interior into a real winner.

The Olds also came with a complete center console that was originally out of another car, and Tim found a steering column that got rid of the column shifter. We originally attempted to use the stock Olds console shifter, but the TH400 case is so close to the floorpan on these early A-bodies, the shifter wouldn't work. Our solution was a B&M QuickSilver cable shifter we bought at a swap meet. We really wanted to add a pair of repro door panels from OPG, but the budget was already reeling from cost overruns, so we erred on the side of fiscal responsibility. Damn....

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