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1967 American Motors Rambler - Build a $3,500 Street Machine

Don't spend big bucks-get a good foundation then build on a budget. We'll show you how to build a $3,500 street machine.

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Parts List
The Car
'67 Rambler AmericanNAeBay$2,000
Used Parts
Radiator and misc. partsNA'74 Matador40.00
750 carb3310Loper's Performance junk pile25.00
Disc brakes/gas pedalNA'83 AMC Concord130.00
DrivetrainNA'72 AMC Gremlin350.00
Electric fanNAPontiac Fiero29.99
Dog-dish hubcapsNA'67 four-door Rambler10.00
New Parts
2-1/16-inch Auto Meter fuel6114Summitracing.com109.95
2-1/16-inch Auto Meter water6155Prostreetonline.com156.57
2-1/16-inch Auto Meter oil6153Summitracing.com199.95
'68 Hemi Dart hoodscoopNAKramer Automotive195.00
ACDelco batteryNAB&C Auto Parts85.00
Autolite spark plugsAUT 66B&C Auto Parts12.00
Autospecialties master cylinderM-83011B&C Auto Parts35.00
Black paintNAB&C Auto Parts4.95
Brake fluidNAB&C Auto Parts3.95
Brake cleanerNAB&C Auto Parts 2.50
CondenserDR60TB&C Auto Parts2.33
Distributor capDR429TB&C Auto Parts3.67
Edelbrock Torker intake2930Summitracing.com225.95
Fan beltGAT 7425Gates5.00
HoodNA'67 four-door American40.00
Lower-control-arm bushings10-3059Galvin's Rambler Parts33.70
Mr. Gasket cable bracket6038Service Center16.00
MSD plug wires31199Summitracing.com74.88
Radiator capAWA FH38B&C Auto Parts4.20
RotorDR311TB&C Auto Parts2.49
TCI Thunder Stick 618016Summitracing.com189.00
Standard pointsDR2270PTB&C Auto Parts4.22
Brake fittings11/42x20B&C Auto Parts4.95
Brake-light switch kit8629Total Performance13.00
Exhaust system installationNASpeedway Muffler Service80.00
Custom driveshaftNADrive Shaft Masters160.00
Running 232 six and trans-300.00
Extra crossmember-350.00
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