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1965 Chevy Chevelle Malibu - Mini Mac Malibu, Part 1

A 14-Year-Old Car Crafter's Resto Effort

By McClelland Daniel, Photography by Kevin McClelland

I also want to install aftermarket power windows. Manual windows and my love of cruising with the windows down don't exactly mix. I would like to have control over all four windows. Also, I would like power locks with and alarm and a key fob. Ever since we got our van that had a key fob, I have loved them. It makes things much easier. Since I will be parking it every day at school where I will not be able to watch it, the alarm is a necessity. I also plan to buy an aftermarket air conditioning system so I will have a good defroster for our rainy and foggy days in northern California. I don't want to be one of those drivers with one hand wiping off the windshield with a towel as I drive.

Right when I got the car, I knew I wanted bucket seats and a console. Our junkyard does not have any old musclecars on its lot, so I surfed the Internet. I found a console on eBay Motors that was closing in one day. It was only early December, but I talked my Grandma Joyce into letting me bid on it for Christmas. I told her that I had $200 saved to put toward it, and she said that she'd cover up to an additional $200. We were lucky enough to win the auction at $380. We still have to modify the shifter to work with the three-speed transmission and make the linkage. I also need a modern multiple-speed windshield wiper motor. Right now it only has the one-speed motor, and I don't like that very much. The headlights need to be wired better, and the bulbs need to be replaced. The most important thing that needs to be taken care of is finding the leaks and fixing them. The car is going to Sparky's Collision Center in Santa Rosa, California, soon to repair the rust. It leaks somewhere through the cowl down into the passenger side under the firewall and also in the rear window area just like every other Chevelle ever built. I really want to be tearing my car apart now, but with the amount of rain we get every winter, we need to make sure it is sealed up so it is not damaged any further.

This project is not going to be like others you've read in magazines before. This will require lots of work on my part and much more time. So follow along with us over the next couple of years and watch my '65 Chevelle become a modern-day musclecar. I cannot wait to take my friends out to the track to show off my hard work.

By McClelland Daniel
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