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Truck Tales - 2002 Chevy Pickup Upgrades

It seems that everyone these days has a pickup. Don't believe it? Take a look around the next time you're on the road. The real issue for any Car Crafter is how to stand out in the sea of trucks in both performance and looks while still keeping the prac

Photography by Terry Stevens
By The Numbers      
  Stock Magnuson Dynatech
  5.3L Supercharger Headers
Rear Wheel HP 244 @ 4,600 350 @ 5,300 364 @ 5,800
Rear Wheel TQ 282 @ 4,100 393 @ 3,700 400 @ 3,200
Stock gas mileage: 14 city/17 highway
Parts List    
Component Manufacturer PN
Front & rear antiroll bar Hotchkis 2229
Front shocks Tokico GE2952
Rear shocks Tokico GE3685C
Supercharger kit Magnuson 01-12-60-001
Headers Dynatech 115-841300
Exhaust system Flowmaster 17257
Bedrug Bedrug BR-C99SB-K
Bed cover Pace-Edwards TR2003/TR2005

No article in Car Craft would be complete without some performance testing. The truck turned a 14.20 @ 96 mph at Bristol last fall with the Magnuson Supercharger in place. This spring, after adding the Dynatech headers, the best time at Mooresville Dragway was a 9.40 @ 76 mph in the eighth-mile. As you can see, there was basically no traction in First gear. It actually hooks better on the street.

Yes, even a 5,000-pound behemoth can autocross! Of course you may not be competitive with all those flyweight cars, but just go out and have fun. During this event, the truck ran the course in 54.6 seconds compared to the quickest Mini at 48 seconds. Our Silverado bested a lot of smaller cars and won its class.

Dynatech Headers
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