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Nitrous Install - Cheap Street Chevelle

How To Install Nitrous-Oxide Injection On A V8-Powered Street Machine

Plenty O' Fuel
Being that high-rpm engine operation and an auxiliary nitrous system can easily overtax a stock fuel system, you should consider updating your car with a high-performance fuel pump. In addition, a fuel-pressure regulator is a good idea so fuel psi can be monitored. Often times, an aftermarket, high-volume, mechanical fuel pump will work great for nitrous systems in the 50- to 150hp range. But if you intend on running a heavy-duty nitrous system (such as an NOS Cheater Series or a Fogger setup), it's much advised for you to upgrade to an auxiliary electric fuel pump, such as one from Mallory. A few weeks earlier, we had upgraded project Cheap Street Chevelle with a new Carter 7-psi/110-gph mechanical pump, so our fuel delivery system was adequate for our new NOS Super Power Shot nitrous system.

Suggested Tuning Combos
Added Horsepower (via nitrous) Jetting (N2O/Fuel) Fuel Quality Ignition (advance) Spark Plug Heat Range
100 hp47/5392-octane pump gasStandardStandard
125 hp55/6192-octane w/octane boosterStandard (sometimes 2-degree retard)Standard (sometimes one heat range colder)
150 hp73/82 92-octane w/octane booster or 100-plus- 2-degree retard One or two heat ranges colder
150-plus hp 82/91 105-plus-octane racing fuel 4-degree retard Two or three heat ranges colder
Nitrous Oxide Systems
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