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1967 Mercury Comet - Join The Newest Trend and Build a Stock Car Replica

Build Your Own Stock Car Replica.

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What's Next?
With the car safely back in the shop, our plan is to turn it into a Stock Car replica without cutting up anything. That means careful removal of the parts from the stock interior that don't fit the look and using vinyl decals instead of paint. Since the drivetrain isn't stock anyway, plan to see a cam and intake swap and to hear some thundering Stock Car exhaust. If you have some ideas, join us at in the forum area and speak your mind. We'll listen.

Tech Notes
What: '67 Mercury Comet
Engine: 390-inch FE
Transmission: Four-speed Top Loader with a Hurst shifter
Carb: Edelbrock 600-cfm AFB
Rearend: Ford 9-inch with 3.25 gears
Body: Comet 202 with a factory Cyclone fiberglass hood
14x5.5 and 14x8
steel wheels with 195/75R-14 and 245/60R-14 tires
Interior: Stock

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