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1965 Chevrolet El Camino - Take The Ultimate Road Trip

Build A Musclecar In One Day (OK, Maybe A Little Longer) And Drive It 2,000 Miles-All Without The Help Of A TV Production Company.

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After enduring the heat of the desert through Las Vegas and into Utah, the cooler temperatures of Colorado found us in Grand Junction by the end of the first day. After replacing the cut tire caused by an over-exuberant U-turn, we headed for our pal Scott Gillman's house for a half-day respite and a tour of Crested Butte at 9,000 feet. Leaving the next day, we cleared the peak of Monarch Pass on Highway 50 east of Gunnison with our little 350 wheezing through 11,300 feet but still running fine. We stayed overnight with family friends Gene and Crissy Christensen in Castle Rock, Colorado, before finding I-80. From there, we stopped overnight in Lincoln, Nebraska, where we shot an ex-Baldwin Motion and Car Craft All-Star Drag Racing Team Camaro before again laying down the miles for Iowa. By Saturday afternoon, Graham had parked the El Camino in his mom's driveway and had begun inviting all his friends over for a ride.

Our arrival also meant the end of the effort, and while it was rewarding that the car survived, it was also bit of an emotional letdown for us after the thrash of the previous two months. But this takes nothing away from what this small circle of friends and car crafters accomplished. While the build-it-in-a-week TV shows fire up the engine and call it complete, we built a bleached-bones roller from scratch in less than a week and then drove it 1,900 miles. And if you double-dog dared us-we'd do it again.

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