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1965 Chevrolet El Camino - Take The Ultimate Road Trip

Build A Musclecar In One Day (OK, Maybe A Little Longer) And Drive It 2,000 Miles-All Without The Help Of A TV Production Company.

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Parts List
The following is an abbreviated list of the major components Year One supplied. The entire list is available on We'd also like to thank Year One for its help with this story. We couldn't have pulled it off without the company's cooperation.

Dashpad SP064BLK Year One $182.00
Rear-light harness LO7800 Year One 128.00
Dash harness L05955 Year One 460.00
Engine harness L05970 Year One 150.00
Forward-light harness L18010 Year One 167.00
Door panels, black IF065M10 Year One 150.00
Carpet, black 6467EBLK10 Year One 114.00
Headlight bezel J6501 Year One 129.00
Headlight eyebrows DL5239 Year One 87.00
Headlight molding YD40 Year One 51.90
Parking-light assembly XQ89LH Year One 85.00
Parking-light assembly XQ89RH Year One 85.00
Fuel tank U98 Year One 246.00
Ingersoll-Rand impact 2507K Jack Xchange 339.50
Grant steering wheel 769 Summit Racing 104.69
Installation kit, Grant 4181 Summit Racing 18.95
American Graffiti cover 64-67 American Graffiti 139.95
Optima battery 9004-003 Summit Racing 129.88
Auto Meter Sp. Comp tach 3991 Summit Racing 87.88
Auto Meter voltmeter 3592 Summit Racing 37.95
Auto Meter oil press. 3522 Summit Racing 49.88
Auto Meter water temp. 3531 Summit Racing 41.88
Auto Meter three-hole panel 3233 Summit Racing 13.95
Proform alternator 141657 Summit Racing 107.39
Proform alternator mount 66114 Summit Racing 8.88
Proform dress kit 141-900 Summit Racing 179.95
TD water-pump pulley 6050 Summit Racing 46.69
TD crank pulley 6052 Summit Racing 36.88
TD alternator pulley 6059 Summit Racing 36.69
TD timing tab 4960 Summit Racing 3.39
Randy's axles, 28-sp G1255803 SH Randy's Axles 162.57
Randy's axle bearings AK1563 Randy's Axles 9.16
Cover, 8.2 YPC1GM8.5-R Randy's Axles 23.61
Flowmaster mufflers, 2 9452553 Summit Racing 199.76
Flowmaster tailpipe 15802 Summit Racing 99.88
Radiator, four-core 10670 U.S. Radiator 422.00
Classic Tube trans lines CET1001 Classic Tube 45.00
Wilwood prop valve 260-8419 Summit Racing 41.88
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