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Chevy Big Block Crate 454 Engine - Import Killer, Part 2

925 hp from 454 ci

Photography by Matthew King,

The 454 H.O.'s factory-equipped hydraulic-roller camshaft requires a cam retainer plate to prevent the camshaft from "walking" back and forth in the block. Standard Mark IV roller-style camshafts won't interchange.

Camshaft Specs
Hydraulic Roller Solid Roller
Manufacturer Crane Cams Crane Cams
PN 168761 16R000015 (custom)
Duration @ 0.050 lift 230/236 degrees 246/252 degrees
Valve Lift (1.7:1 rockers) 0.598/0.610-inch 0.714/0.697-inch
Lobe displacement angle 112 degrees 112 degrees
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