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The editors of Car Craft magazine bring you a photo-driven look at the glory days of drag racing starting in the '60s with the Chrysler Maximum Performance effort and continuing through the muscle-car era when door-slammers ruled dragstrips across the country. Elapsed Times also visits the early days of the Funny Car with original photography from the legendary Car Craft archives.

E.T. interviews members of the Car Craft All-Star Drag Racing Team, exploring the history of former winners with photography and personal anecdotes from a time when a group of enthusiasts could run a racing campaign using nothing more than ingenuity and spare parts. E.T. brings you the best in vintage drag racing photography and editorial from the '60s and '70s, plus a look at the newest trends in nostalgia drag racing.

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dear back issue folks

I was recently went to a store and seen your magazine and bought my first issue which was spring 14, so I call and after having a conversation with a person and ordered and paid for the fall 13 and the year review 2013 wrap up. these were my choices that I was given. After telling him what issue I have and I would be interested in any back order copies. Ok my story was clear and understood I thought. The two issue came today thinking I was going to get last years copies. So they send me the issue that I told him I had why does this happen to me please let me know. Boy I can say that I am one disappointed Racer. Looks like instead of the flag dropping the ball got dropped. Well you cant win races like that.

Car Craft