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Carburetor - 1,800 HP 632 Nitrous Rat

'Behind The ScenesWretched Excess

Ha! Let them eat cake. We have found the definition of overt use of AN lines, fuel blocks, split Dominator carburetors, and conspicuous consumption. Tom Johnson wins with his all-alloy 632 Rat with 1,800 hp worth of nitrous and fuel lines.

A Handful Of Rubber

There's a small lot behind the food place called Giggles that sells the elk burgers at the CC Summer Nationals. The lot is filled with chunked tires instead of crushed rock or busted-up asphalt. The rubber is cushy to the feet and smells like Comp T/As in the heat of the day. If you're looking for a way to get rid of all those old tires, we think we've found the solution.


You might have noticed by now that we had some problems with the 370 out of the CC/Rambler. The official diagnosis is that the lower oil-feed journal in the timing chain got plugged and began to starve the cam and distributor gears that ride on the outside of the timing chain and spin the oil pump. After a while, the distributor began skipping teeth and slowly changing the timing. It took about one city block for the timing to slip enough to pop through the carb and stall the engine every time we reset it. The breakage also spread glitter into the oil, requiring a teardown.

Super Gas Numbers

During the summer we attended and passed the NHRA Class 4B tests and received our ET and Super Gas licenses. Now we have our own NHRA membership card and, best of all, an official number that we had cut from vinyl so we could stick it on the window. It's the end of drippy shoe-polish numbers for us. The license is for stuff as quick as 7.50, so we'd better get the car to go a little faster.

Pull The Pin And Run

We saw this gem bolted to the framerail of a rat rod. Do you think this is a comment on the quality of the engine buildup?

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