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1971 Oldsmobile Cutclass and More - Muscle Car Burnouts

The Combo!
Who: Doug and Josh Chittenden
Where: Spring Lake, MI
What: '67 Ford Mustang
Why: Poppin' wheelies is the best way to get the lead spot in Readers' Pages. Josh does it with a 310-inch small-block with 13.0:1 compression and AFR 210 heads. We're gonna say that it is a bracket car because we've driven three-speed cars with 3,000-rpm converters and 4.62:1 gears like his on the street and it's hard on the joints. The paint is Sherwin-Williams Chianti Pearl Metallic, and the hood is a 2.5-inch cowl from Mustangs Plus. Check out the wrinkled 30x12.5-15 Goodyears.

455 'Bird
Who: Rob Whiteman
Where: Wataga, IL
What: '69 Pontiac Firebird
Why: A 455 swap beats the stock 350 that came in the Firebird from the factory, and the '80 Firebird hoodscoop looks pretty cool too. The internals are a mystery except Rob says the cam is huge and the rotator is steel.
He Says: "I have some ongoing projects, but I couldn't resist the polished Weld rims and Hugger Orange paint, so I bought this car anyway."

Sort of rare
Who: Bill Shadowens
Where: Clinton Township, MI
What: '79 Camaro Z28
Why: Chevrolet called it Light Green, but it was really a pastel. And in 1979, the era of dudes wearing Easter-egg-colored anything was quickly on the downward spiral. That makes Bill's green-on-green Z28 kind of a rare treat. Yup, the interior is also green along with the tape stripes. The factory 350-inch wheezer produced only 170 hp, so Bill fixed that with 0.030 flat-top pistons, an Edelbrock cam with 204/214 duration at 0.050 and 0.420/0.442 lift, and an Edelbrock Performer intake and 650-cfm AVS carb.
We Say: Crank up the Little River Band and churn tire.

G-BODY 442
Who: Benjamin Dubit
What: '86 Oldsmobile 442
Where: Silver Spring, MD
Why: Benjamin is a 23-year-old student from Penn College who has put a 355-inch small-block with some Edelbrock E-Tec heads and a 282/288 Comp cam in his daily-driven cruiser. He also added 18-inch Torq-Thrust II wheels and upgraded the 8.5-inch rear with 3.90:1 gears.

Factory Musclecar
Who: Oscar Garza
Where: Toledo, OH
What: '67 Pontiac GTO
What: It's nearly stock. The only thing not original is the Edelbrock intake manifold and the cam. It has the original 400-inch engine and His and Hers Hurst shifter for that chick who can't shift an automatic. Those were the days.

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