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Center Bolt Valve Cover Adapters - New Stuff

Center-Bolt Valve-Cover Adapters

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The Vortec small-block iron cylinder head has become the darling of the street performance market, because it is both affordable and worth some serious torque and horsepower. But this attractive cylinder head also has its downsides. One of the annoying details about the Vortec is its center-bolt valve covers. Beginning in 1955, the small-block Chevy used a simple, four-bolt perimeter-style valve-cover attachment until 1987 when GM converted to the center-bolt arrangement. These valve covers use four center-mounted bolts to attach the valve cover to the head, loading the entire valve cover evenly.

But what if you have your heart set on a certain style of valve cover that only comes in the older, perimeter-style pattern? GM Performance Parts and A&P Machine offer adapters that will allow the use of perimeter-style valve covers on a center-bolt-style head.

The GM Performance Parts adapters come in billet aluminum, while A&P's adapters are available in either aluminum or steel. It's important to note that these adapters only work in one direction. These adapters do not allow you to use a center-bolt valve cover on a perimeter-bolt head. They're not cheap, but this might be your ticket to ride.

Parts ListThe price for the GM Performance Parts adapter kit is from Scoggin-Dickey.

Parts List
The price for the GM Performance Parts adapter kit is from Scoggin-Dickey.
Component Source PN Price
Valve cover adapter kit GMPP 24502540 $140
Replacement O-ring seal GMPP 12480023 6
Adapter kit, aluminum A&P VHA01 85
Adapter kit, steel A&P VHA02 85
Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center
A&P Machine Works
5585 Gray St.
CO  80002
Dept. CC0312
GM Performance Parts
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