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Our video section brings some of the best cars in the world to life with video clips from car events, auto shows, races and news.
Midnight Drags Tommy Fox's 1971 Nova vs Justin Mouser's 1955 Chevy 
Ray Cox's Trans Am can't hook and loses to Scott Massetto 
Midnight Drags Tommy Fox holds the wheelstand and defeats Josh Ames 
Midnight Drags Adam Hodson's 1973 Camaro loses to Leidecker's 1990 Mustang 
Midnight Drags Nick Droit can't hook and loses to Tommy Fox 
Midnight Drags Final Round 1970 Nova vs 1990 Mustang 
Midnight Drags Nick Droit wheels up against the slower 1970 GTO 
Midnight Drags Leidecker's Mustang takes out the Corvair 
Midnight Drags Corvair gets beat by Leidecker's Ultra Fast Mustang 
Midnight Drags Jeff Moll's CTSV takes out Scott Massetto's 1991 Mustang 
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