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Plymouth Road Runner - Junkyard Crawl

Ravaged Road Runners

Photography by Steve Magnante

Before their recent explosion on the collector-car scene, Plymouth Road Runners were serious blue-collar hot rods. They were perfect second- and third-hand party machines for the Led Zeppelin generation. With a four on the floor-and a fifth under the seat-they were cheap, common, and brutal machines that often died horrible deaths-sometimes along with their passengers. But in the two decades since nostalgic baby boomers started restoring and collecting the musclecars of their youths, the Road Runner has risen to the top of the heap, and now everybody wants one. So imagine our shock and surprise to discover this pair of ravaged Runners on a recent trip to the East Coast. No, these aren't vintage scrapbook photos from the late '70s (when sights like these were common), nope, these shots were taken in the summer of 2006. Scope 'em out!

Groovy Factoids
*The '73 Road Runner was more than 7 inches longer than the '72 thanks to its federally mandated 5-mph bumpers.

*It is believed that just over 1,000 SuperBirds exist today, an approximate 50 percent survival rate.

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