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1969 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster - Junkyard Crawl

Empty 'Glass

Photography by Steve Magnante

Of all the junkyard sightings, the most shocking-and uncommon-is a derelict Corvette. The mind reels at the sight of "America's sports car" in such a state of neglect. Here's one we found at the always ripe Curboy's Auto Wrecking (508/347-9650) in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Because this one has been so thoroughly stripped, we had to put on our detective caps and sleuth some details to determine whether we were looking at some mythical, million-dollar wonder (a third '69 ZL1 perhaps?) or just a common roadster, if any early Corvette can be called common.

Groovy Factoids

  • The '63-'67 Sting Ray nameplate was shortened to one word for the '69 models. The restyled '68 was simply badged as a Corvette and did not carry any Stingray markings.
  • The 327 was replaced by the 300hp ZQ3 350 as the base engine in 1969. END

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