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1964 Chevy Chevelle Axle Install Picture - 'Rear View

Put An Axle In It!

By , Photography by Car Craft Archives

The straight-axle thing is back, but most guys associate it with Willyses and '37 Chevys and such. They also immediately presume that anything with a solid front axle swapped under the nose is a Gasser. In truth, our archives reveal that early Funny Cars, match racers, and Modified-class cars of the '60s all used beam-axle conversions, and when the fad hit the street, Car Craft was all over it. A good example of a race car that inspired the streeters was Tom Sturm's 4 Chevy Lovers '64 Chevelle (shown) that later became more radical and was renamed Just 4 Chevy Lovers, the same as a string of Funny Cars he'd later own (though Sturm switched to a Dodge Challenger for 1970 with the Swapper Funny shoed by Dale Armstrong). The Chevelle is seen here in the photo shoot for our September '65 issue that also included a buildup of the car's then-new 396 big-block. It had Man-A-Fre's unique injector carburetion (see "Injector Carbs for Chevy Engines," Oct. '64). To get the big-block as quickly as possible, Sturm ordered a new 396-powered Impala and pulled the engine for use in his race car. He later ordered a 283 service-replacement engine for the Impala and sold it with small-block power. Today it's impossible to think of a weekend racer buying two new cars in two years, swapping engines, and hacking one into a solid-axle race car.

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