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1967 Ford Mustang Engine Swap - Six-To-Eight Engine Swap

Early Mustangs Are Still Affordable, Like CC's '67, But Ours Needed More Horsepower So We Decided To Pull Off A Classic

Photography by , Modern Driveline, Tim Moore
MD QuickTime bellhousing MD-401-6060 Modern Driveline $375.00
MD 5.0L, 50 oz. flywheel MD-CS157-50 Modern Driveline 150.00
MD K/O 10.5 clutch MD-K/S7-101 Modern Driveline 250.00
MD clutch cable kit MD-6768MC-C Modern Driveline 259.00
MD clutch lever cable MD-401-2002 Modern Driveline 43.00
MD Hurst chrome shift lever MD-504-1040 Modern Driveline 59.00
MD Hurst shift ball, five-speed MD-504-1050 Modern Driveline 39.00
MD T5 crossmember MD-6773-CM Modern Driveline 149.00
MD T5 trans mount MD-504-1101 Modern Driveline 19.00
MD speedometer cable MD-506-1020 Modern Driveline 26.00
MD speedometer gear MD-506-1028-19 Modern Driveline 9.50
MD backup-light harness MD-700-0001 Modern Driveline 15.00
MD clutch pedal assembly MD-402-6768M-C Modern Driveline 135.00
MD pedal pads, trim ring kit MD-412-6568 Modern Driveline 39.00

On the dyno, our Fox-body refugee made an outstanding 390-plus horsepower using a set of 13/4-inch dyno headers with an open exhaust. We expect to lose a little horsepower when we add a full exhaust system, but the idea was to minimize that loss, which is why we went with a set of coated Hedman 15/8-inch, long-tube primary pipe headers. According to Bruce Couture at Modern Driveline, not all headers will clear his cable clutch linkage, but the Hedmans along with JBA and Doug Thorley headers do fit without difficulty.

Backing up these headers is a complete Flowmaster Scavenger 21/2-inch lead-down system, a pair of 21/2-inch Delta Flow mufflers that will connect to a pair of 21/2-inch tailpipes that exit underneath the rear valance. You can also get Flowmaster tailpipes that exit through the rear valance for that OE look.

Flowmaster 21/2" exhaust kit 17282 Summit Racing $466.99
Hedman headers, long-tube 88308 Summit Racing 279.95
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