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1967 Ford Mustang Engine Swap - Six-To-Eight Engine Swap

Early Mustangs Are Still Affordable, Like CC's '67, But Ours Needed More Horsepower So We Decided To Pull Off A Classic

Photography by , Modern Driveline, Tim Moore

But we weren't quite ready yet, because our 5.0L engine was designed for a Fox-body Mustang. This meant the oil pan wasn't going to clear the Mustang's engine crossmember, requiring an oil pan swap. We also intend to punish this pony on the road course, so we opted for a Milodon road-race oil pan along with a new oil pump, drive, and windage tray. With our new engine parts and the V-8 crossmember, we could think about dropping the motor in place.

Edelbrock RPM Air Gap 7521 Summit Racing $237.95
Edelbrock fuel pump 1725 Summit Racing 91.95
Edelbrock fuel line kit 81243 Summit Racing N.A.
Edelbrock fuel filter 8129 Summit Racing 39.39
Milodon oil pan 31600 Summit Racing 349.95
Milodon oil pump 18800 Summit Racing 78.69
Milodon oil pump drive 22500 Summit Racing 20.95
Milodon windage tray 32210 Summit Racing 49.95
Milodon windage tray studs 81157 Summit Racing 37.95
Milodon 180 thermostat 16406 Summit Racing 15.95
MSD distributor, Pro Billet 8598 Summit Racing 268.60
MSD Blaster SS coil 8207 Summit Racing 43.10
MSD distributor hold-down 8010 Summit Racing 40.60
MSD 8.5mm plug wire kit 31079 Summit Racing 74.10
Pro Products balancer 80007 Custom Performance Racing 87.99
Pro Products 50 oz weight 91007 Custom Performance Racing 16.99
Year One timing cover FJ1701 Year One 145.00

Cobra Automotive's competition front crossmember is just the ticket to help keep the front suspension glued together when we start putting the power to the pavement. We also added a pair of V-8 frame mounts from NPD just above the crossmember.>>>

Engine Compartment
Before we could drop the engine in, we needed to tie the two halves of the front suspension together with a V-8 front crossmember that was missing when we bought the Mustang. Cobra Automotive came to our rescue with a high-strength piece that was born out of competition requirements. We also realized that the inline six-cylinder throttle linkage would not work, necessitating a trip to NPD's Ventura, California, outlet, which also had the V-8 frame mounts we needed. All we had left was replumbing the new stainless steel fuel line from Classic Tube, adding some new battery cables from MAD Enterprises, and lengthening a few wires in the charging system to retain the stock alternator (for now), and the engine compartment was ready.

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