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1967 Ford Mustang Engine Swap - Six-To-Eight Engine Swap

Early Mustangs Are Still Affordable, Like CC's '67, But Ours Needed More Horsepower So We Decided To Pull Off A Classic

Photography by , Modern Driveline, Tim Moore
Classic Tube tank to carb MUF1007 Classic Tube $89.00
Classic Tube rear brake hose MUH7006 Classic Tube 39.95
Cobra front crossmember 336-1010 Cobra Automotive 194.95
Cobra reinforced centerlink 100-25823-G Cobra Automotive 215.00
Year One fuel sending unit FJ230 Year One 35.95
Year One motor mounts XH51 Year One 149.00
MAD battery cables 1/O-1 MAD Enterprises 3.75/ft
NPD frame mount 6028-9-1A NPD 99.95
NPD frame mount bolt kit 6028-1K NPD 14.00
NPD carb throttle rod 9A702-1A NPD 10.95
NPD carb rod mount kit 9A703 NPD 6.95
NPD throttle rod bushing 379000-S NPD 3.32
NPD bellcrank assembly 9725-1 NPD 35.00
NPD bellcrank mount kit 9725-2AK NPD 2.00
NPD throttle pedal 9735-1A NPD 9.25
NPD throttle pedal mount 9735-1K NPD 1.95
NPD throttle return spring 9737-1 NPD 3.00
NPD throttle spring bracket 9741-1B NPD 8.95
NPD throttle rod seal 9793-1A NPD 1.50
NPD throttle rod clip, RH 9825-1 NPD 0.50
NPD throttle rod clip, LH 9826-1 NPD 0.50

The Be Cool aluminum radiator assembly comes just as you see here, with a pair of 11-inch-diameter Spal electric fans to help airflow and cooling efficiency. At a later date, we may go to a high-tech Spal fan controller. The Spal fans also come with relays to protect the switching mechanism.>>>

Adding a 390hp small-block and putting it through its paces on a road course generates a major heat load into the cooling system, so we knew our little Mustang was going to need a serious heat exchanger to avoid overheating issues. Be Cool has recently integrated a three-tier radiator selection into its entire line, ranging from an inexpensive generic one-row aluminum radiator all the way up to its top-of-the-line cooling system, which includes a pair of Spal electric fans. We decided to go with a modular system: a 27-inch-wide, two-row, 1-inch-tube aluminum radiator with a pair of 11-inch electric Spal fans and a very elegant aluminum mounting system. This complete package is a bit pricey, but we like the idea of a simple bolt-in system with an electric fan so we don't have to pay a horsepower penalty with a mechanical fan. The radiator required moving the battery to the trunk and relocating the voltage regulator. For less money and a little more fabrication time, you could go with a universal radiator with a traditional engine-driven fan and save a few bucks. The final piece in the cooling system puzzle is an Edelbrock aluminum water pump that is far more efficient than a stock pump, which is what we need once the road course flogging begins. There are two choices for small-block Ford water pumps, since the inlets can be spec'd with either a driver-side or passenger-side inlet, and this must match up with the radiator. We went with the driver-side inlet on the water pump to match the Be Cool radiator.

Be Cool radiator assembly 80187 Be Cool $1,299.95
Edelbrock water pump 8843 Summit Racing 159.95
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