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How To Swap A Gen III Into A '64-'72 A-Body - Part I

We slide a Genn III engine into Glad's El Camino and tell you how it's done.

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OK, so along with this huge story, we also managed to get the engine bolted into the car. When the radiator and headers get here, we will slap those in and write a story about how to wire the car and tune it along with some detailed information on the transmission controls. By then, your project might have caught up if you get to work now.>>>

I've got a what?
If it says Corvette on the valve cover, it's likely a Y-body engine right? How do you know? Below are some quick spotters' tips for identifying your LS engine.

You might be asked if you have a 24x or a 58x crank trigger. An easy way to know is by the color of the plug near the flexplate or flywheel at the rear of the block. Gray is 58x; black is 24x.>>>

All Gen III LS1 and LS6 engines use an aluminum block. Truck engines used iron except for the aluminum LM4 5.3 that arrived in the SSR. The LS2 will have 6.0 cast into the block behind the flywheel. The LS1/LS6 will be 5.7 liters with a 3.89-inch finished bore, and the LS2 will have a 4.00-inch finished bore. LS1/LS6 is Gen III and LS2 is Gen IV. Gen IIIs also have a knock sensor under the intake and a cam sensor on the rear of the cam under the intake. Gen IV has knock-sensor locations on both sides of the block, and the cam sensor is in the front cover.>>>

Boneyard LS1 N/A $2,500.00
GMPP LS1 Crate Engine 17801267 4,899.95
GMPP LS6 Crate Engine 17801268 6,295.99
Keisler A 41 transmission kit N/A TBA
S&P accessory drive N/A 958.35
S&P modified oil pan N/A 263.62
Rock Valley stainless fuel tank N/A 1,100.00
Milodon oil pan 30915 389.95*
Milodon windage tray 32150 69.95*
Milodon pickup 18290 87.39*
MSD MEFI4 controller 240010 1,895.00*
Hooker engine swap mount kit 12611HKR 75.00*
MSD spark-plug wires 32813 64.40*
Chevy LS1/LS6 V-8 Book N/A 13.57**
Lokar throttle cable LOK-TC-1000LS1U 45.95
*Prices from
Autotronic Controls Corp. (MSD)
El Paso
Keisler Engineering
2250 Stock Creek Blvd.
TN  37853
Brewer Restoration & Performance (BRP)
Lokar Performance Products
10924 Murdock Dr.
TN  37932
EFILive Milodon
2250 Agate Ct.
Simi Valley
CA  93065
HP Tuners
P.O. Box 801057 Dept. GMHTP
CA  91380-1057
Rock Valley Antique Auto Parts
Route 72 & Rothwell Rd.
Box 352
Stillman Valley
IL  61084
GM Performance Parts
Speartech Fuel Injection Systems
Holley Performance Products
1801 Russellville Rd.
Bowling Green, KY 42101
KY  42101
Street & Performance Inc. (S&P)
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