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Filling Holes
Welding is all about managing heat. You have to get the base metal hot enough to liquefy and join with the molten filler material, but not so hot as to burn right through it. This can be a very delicate balancing act because different areas of the same workpiece can require different techniques. Edges are especially susceptible to burning through because there's less of a heat sink at the edge than in the middle of a panel or tube-heat is more concentrated at the edge because there are fewer places for it to go. So, a heat range that will make a nice-looking weld on the middle of a panel can blow right through when you come to the edge. One way to fill a hole is to build up the surrounding area with extra filler material one pass at a time until you've created enough of a "bridge" to close the gap. To prevent creating holes in the first place, back off the heat as you come to the edge of a panel if you're using a TIG welder. With a MIG machine, you may want to stop the bead before you reach the edge, wait a few seconds for the weld to cool slightly, and add a couple of tack welds to finish.

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