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DIY Metal Flake Paint - Custom Metalflake Paint

Don't Let The Custom Guys Have All The Fun- Get Attention With

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We asked if there are special air-pressure considerations when shooting flake. Santini says that he likes to run 25-30 psi at the trigger, which translates to 6-8 at the fluid tip. You can regulate the pressure using the trigger. Using less air keeps the flake from bouncing and tumbling on the surface.

House of Kolor MF-2 Silver Mini Flake, 3 oz. $50.00*
Little Daddy Roth Surflite Silver Flake 12.95**
Little Daddy Roth Lil Surflite Silver Flake 12.95**
House of Kolor Shimrin Orion Silver base, qt. 41.99*
House of Kolor UFC-35 Flo-Klear, 1 gal. 191.99*
SATAjet 3000 paint gun 450.00 local paint store
*prices quoted from Eastwood
**prices quoted from Vintage Ford
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