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302 Valve Springs - How To Change Valvesprings

A Big Camshaft And Great Heads Can Never Make More Horsepower If The Valvesprings Are Junk, So The Best Solution Is Learning How to Change Valvesprings.

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Rocker Tracks
In the old Western movies, there was always an Indian who could track anything over impossible terrain. A good engine builder can also use near-invisible signs to help track the health of an engine. As we were swapping springs on our small-block Ford, we noticed an unusual wear pattern on a couple of valves. If you look closely at the accompanying photo, the valve on the right shows a typical wear pattern across the middle of the valve stem. This indicates a good pushrod length. But studying the valve-stem tip on the left, there is only a partial pattern on roughly half the width of the valve. This indicates that the valve-stem tip is not perpendicular to the stem. That places side load on the valve that can cause premature valve-guide wear. The solution for this would be to remove the head and face all the valves in a valve-grinding machine to ensure that all the valves will allow full-face contact with the rocker-arm roller tips.

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