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Custom Car Emblem - How To Cast Your Own Plastic Badges And Emblems

Just Break Your SS396 Logo? Learn

By Jefferson Bryant, Photography by Jefferson Bryant

The possibilities are endless with liquid tooling materials. Whether it's creating a custom fender emblem or simply casting a reproduction badge for your resto, plastic casting fits the bill. There are a few guidelines to follow to get the best results from liquid tooling. So read up and get casting.

Rhodia V-330 silicone rubber, 1-gallon kit Freeman Supply $125.00
Freeman FMSC 1090 liquid polyurethane Freeman Supply 130.00
Plast-econ modeling clay Freeman Supply 10.00
Digital scale Local discount store 12.99
Mixing cups Auto parts store 0.50
MDF wood for casting box Lowes 10.00
By Jefferson Bryant
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