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Overdriven And Understressed - Tech

Photography by , Keisler Automotive, Melhoff Bob

Nearly all the available kits are based on either a Tremec TKO 500/600 series five-speed or a Tremec T56 six-speed. For some applications, you can have either, and there are ratio and torque-rating options to choose from as well. All gearboxes are brand-new and many have been fitted with Keisler's own tailhousings and low-profile shifter mechanism, which reduce the overall diameter of the gearbox and assist in relocating the shifter. We've outlined the offerings and their benefits and compiled an application chart, but new apps are being added regularly, with a full range of Ford kits, including modular V-8s, FE, and 429/460, plus a kit for the new Chrysler 5.7 HEMI is on the way. Take a look at the swap details and check the Keisler Web site for updates.

Keisler Transmission System ApplicationsThe systems approach to transmission swap kits taken by Keisler Automotive is aimed at providing the user with everything necessary to complete the installation. In all cases, every effort is made to eliminate or at least minimize the need to alter the host vehicle, though some slight modifications may be required. Usually, this involves enlarging the shifter hole, or in the case of some Mopar applications, closing the original shifter hole and creating a new one. Some GM applications require the use of an additional sheetmetal transmission hump to maintain stock shifter location, but the humps are included in the kit. For factory automatic trans vehicles, Keisler can also provide the necessary pedals, clutch linkage, and factory-style shifter humps. Hydraulic clutch actuation is required in some instances, and is optional in others where mechanical linkage can be retained. Mopar bellhousings requiring modification can be sent to Keisler on an exchange basis for machining or a new Keisler titanium-aluminum unit can be used. New bellhousings for many applications (like GM 11-inch) are being added as of this writing.

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