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How to Fix Your Dragging Brakes

Go faster and stop wear with these tips on fixing your dragging brakes.

By Joey Gonewin, Photography by Joey Gonewin

Based on our research, there were lots of folks who said, "Oh, yeah, I made that mistake," which means you need to know about this situation.

The photos show the stock proportioning valve being replaced with a manual Wilwood proportioning valve, and the heat-damaged rear Wilwood solid discs and pads being replaced by Wheel to Wheel Powertrain (W2W) in Madison Heights, Michigan.

As a side note, this vehicle went from being almost completely unpushable to totally free, which told us everything we needed to know. It has gone faster than ever before at the dragstrip, and the manual proportioning valve has allowed the owner to tune the brake bias to provide maximum stopping performance.

By Joey Gonewin
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