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T5 Transmission - Pull-it-yourself Ford five-speeds

Check out the tons of options for the pull-it-yourself Ford five-speeds

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Boneyard Warning
The T5 used in the 5.0L Mustangs is very similar externally to T5s used in numerous other rear-wheel-drive applications-mostly in turbocharged SVO and nonturbo'd, four-cylinder Mustangs; the '89-'93 T-bird SC; 305ci Camaros and Firebirds; S-series pickups; and the '84 Nissan 300 ZX to name a few. These boxes all used different, and mostly weaker, First-gear ratios, with one as deep as 4.05. The one exception is the 305 Camaro/Firebird 2.95 WC First-gear boxes from '88-'92. According to D&D, these boxes are basically as strong as the comparable WC Ford 5.0 transmissions. Do not be fooled into thinking you can adapt the other T5s into a high-output, V-8 application. We don't need to tell you the Nissan boxes do not interchange with the Ford units, do we?

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