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25 Carb Tech Tips and Tricks for Under 25 Bucks

25 of the best carb tips and tricks for more power and they're all under 25 bucks.

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Beat the Heat

One way to keep manifold heat away from your carb is with one ofEdelbrock's heat insulator gaskets. This particular gasket (PN 9265) is0.320-inch thick and is intended for the Edelbrock Performer seriescarburetors, but it will also work with Holley and Demon carbs. Theinsulator gasket is only $14 through Summit and does a good job of notcooking the fuel in the carb during long bouts of low-speed cruising.

Main Drain

If you're into making horsepower and tuning, then changing jets isprobably as common an occurrence as breathing. For Demon carbs, likeHolleys, the trick is to drain the fuel out of the bowl so it doesn'tend up all over your intake manifold. Barry Grant offers a cool aluminumfloat bowl catch can (PN 130040, $15) that can do the job and make youlook like a professional all at the same time.

Jet Plate Special

Speaking of jetting and looking like you know what you're doing, we'veall seen those guys at the track with plastic Tupperware they stole fromtheir wife's kitchen stuffed full of jets. Then they spend a half-hourlooking for a matching pair of jets-- not cool. Rather than waste allthat time, get yourself a jet plate from Barry Grant (PN 130001, $15)that will mount up to 44 jets that you can screw into the plate inascending order so that you'll always have your jets handy when you needthem.

Blocking Maneuver

Have you ever wondered why it's not a good idea to run a power valve inthe secondary side of a BG or Holley carb? On a fast street or drag-carlaunch, the fuel in the secondary bowl is pushed to the rear of thebowl. Since the power valve is located higher in the bowl than the jets,it is easily uncovered and might not richen the mixture when you need itmost. That's why if the secondary metering block is equipped with apower-valve fitting, it's best to use a power valve plug on thesecondary side and tune that end of the carb with jets.

Jet Extensions

If you've got a hot streeter or drag car that launches hard, fuel willslosh to the rear of the secondary bowl and away from the main jets. Tocounteract this, jet extensions will often keep the fuel in contact withthe jets. Barry Grant offers a kit that includes a pair offlattened-style jet extensions that will clear a stock float. Also inthe kit is a bowl gasket and four bowl screw gaskets (PN 120001, $14).We've seen street cars gain 0.20 second with just the addition of jetextensions! BG also offers a clearanced float with cut-outs to clear anon-flattened jet extension (PN 120004, $16) that works well too.

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