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The Big Wipe

Interval Wipers for Early Camaros

Photography by Terry McGean

You don't see many stories on upgrading a wiper motor for enhanced performance. It may not make your car run faster or handle better, but it does offer some advantages over the original equipment.

The Selecta-Speed wiper motor kit is the product of Detroit Speed & Engineering (DSE), a firm formed several years ago by husband-and-wife engineering team Kyle and Stacy Tucker. The DSE kit is based on a late-model unit offering seven speeds, five of them with delays. As an added bonus, the DSE unit uses an angle-drive type motor, so it mounts parallel to the firewall, rather than jutting straight out from it like the stocker. So now big-blocks and tall valve covers don't necessitate removing the wiper motor to adjust the valves.

The late-model GM motor assembly is mounted with a custom-machined billet aluminum adapter plate and includes its own wiring harness and switch, so nothing needs to be cut or spliced for installation, allowing the car to be returned to stock at any time. The kit's quality and completeness is impressive, and it's obvious that it was designed by enthusiasts with a desire to enhance a classic rather than just adding a gimmick. The following installation steps illustrate how simple it is to complete the conversion.

Detroit Speed & Engineering
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