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From our Pontiac Trans Am and GTO to the Tempest and LeMans, we cover just about every high-performance Pontiac car you can think of. We aren’t always able to get our hands on a truly special Pontiac but when we do, you’ll find them here.
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Pontiac Astre
think VEGA buddy!... more
Pontiac shop pic in the back of the latest issue
Yeah that pic was a killer flashback and I love Pontiacs. I was on the other end of the country... more
Pontiac shop pic in the back of the latest issue
As soon as I saw the picture of the shop I knew it looked familiar: This is Charles S. Mott high... more
Pontiac Astre
I just abated a 1976 Pontiac Astre from my grandfather and its turing into a long term project. The... more
Now for something different, a Pontiac OHC L6
since 1969 firebirds aint a dime a dozen,maybe a 1972 ventura II would make a good alternative? ... more
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