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Not everyone appreciates the beauty of a fully customized Mercury Comet or Cougar. Mercury cars don’t always get the attention they deserve but when we come across a great one, we try to get it in. Take a look at the 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente and the journey of one man eager to please his wife with a manual transmission swap, new Mustang motor and more.
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1967 Mercury Monterey
I have a 1967 Mercury Monterey Breezeway, that my grandparents bought new back around 1970. It was... more
1967 Mercury Monterey
volsfan87 WELCOME ABOARD: The first this before firing the old girl up. Did any little critters... more
1967 Mercury Monterey
I don't see anything living in it. It was keep in a garage in a residental area so it would be hard... more
1967 Mercury Monterey
The reason I asked about little critters Chick Monks or Ground Sqrirrels are all over they make a... more
Mercury body panels
I have a 1967 Mecury Monterey and I need so body parts. And this isnt a really common car, so... more
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