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When you think of Ford cars, different visions come to mind. Many people immediately think of the Ford Mustang while others dream up thoughts of the Ford Fairlane, Falcon, or Ranchero. The experts at Car Craft have hand-picked some amazing Fords to review and feature. Take a look at the articles below.
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Car Craft Forum

Model A ford seat needed...
I have a Model A Ford and need to build or buy a seat frame for it. I dont really want to build one... more
460 Ford
the ford after market alloy cobra jet or blue thunder heads might tickle your fancy. if i were you... more
460 Ford
I have built a mild 1977 460 Ford, 30 over w/biggest cam for stock torque convertor air gap intake... more
Found and restored a unique one Ford Prefect Touring 1938 release.
Initially, the purchase and restoration of the machine decided that it is one of the rarest models... more
Old ford lock assembly 43-80?
Found this old lock mechanism in the basement of a friends locksmith company. I would like some... more
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