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Mark Stielow's Garage - This Guy's Garage

By , Photography by Will Handzel

What you can’t see upstairs in the heavily reinforced attic is the water heater for the heated floor system Mark had installed when the shop was built, along with a medium-size air compressor and tons of spare parts. Both the ceiling-mounted trouble light and the retractable compressed air line keep the cords off the floor

Off to the right in the “dirty” side of the shop is a water-cooled TIG welder, a bandsaw, a grinder, and a buffer. If it looks like Mark spent a week cleaning for the photo, friend Will Handzel assures us that the shop looks like this even in the middle of a thrash.

His friends call this the Hero Wall, but if you’ve been featured in as many magazines as Mark has, why not celebrate the fact?

Mark likes to fabricate things, especially suspension components, so for precision work like this, he needs a surface plate. This rascal measures 5 by 10 feet and weighs 1,000 pounds. He bought it at an auction, subsequently sold it, and then missed it so much he bought it back. Sitting on top of the work surface is a complete set of Stop Tech brakes Mark wants to try on the Camaro to improve its road course performance—as if it’s not already fast enough!

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