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Affordable Ford Muscle Cars - Fast For Under 10K

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We're surprised we don't see more people building these cars. You can buy them for next to nothing, and most of the Fox-body Mustang performance parts will bolt on. Scott Chamberlain's '85 LTD LX is a perfect example of what we'd do to this body style if we had one. Scott's car has the drivetrain of a '93 Mustang Cobra—a fuel-injected 5.0L engine, T5 transmission, and a Traction-Lok–equipped 8.8 rear axle. He also did the five-lug conversion, popular among the 5.0 Mustang guys, which opens the door to wheel options. Next, Scott upgraded to SN-95 Mustang front control arms, Ford Racing upper rear trailing arms, and a host of Maximum Motorsports parts: front coilers, caster/camber plates, strut tower brace, Panhard bar, and adjustable lower rear trailing arms. Other cool tricks include a quick-ratio steering rack from an '04 Mustang Cobra, 13-inch front rotors from a '94 Cobra, Lincoln Mark VII rear discs, a Town Car master cylinder, and taillights from a Mercury Marquis. The '05 Mustang GT wheels look like they were made for the car.

"I'm from Australia, where hot sedans are popular. This is my homage." His homage is also a street-legal, California BAR-approved engine swap car that always passes its biannual tailpipe tests. At just under 3,300 pounds, it is only slightly heavier than a Fox Mustang, so this LTD's performance is close to a similarly built Mustang. Scott is a regular participant at NASA track days and local autocrosses.

"This is the fifth Fox LTD I've owned —I am sick." Scott Chamberlain.

Tech Notes
Who: Scott Chamberlain
'85 LTD LX: $5,000 (Cobra 5.0 engine and trans included)

MAC cold-air intake $149
JBA shorty headers 371
Dynomax mufflers and true dual exhaust 355
Lincoln Mark VIII fan 40
MGW shifter 179
Fiore clutch quadrant 40
Five-lug conversion and Cobra brakes 1300
Ford Racing 3.73:1 ring- and-pinion kit 325
Maximum Motorsports camber plates 200
Maximum Motorsports strut-tower brace 160
Maximum Motorsports front coilover kit 375
'04 Cobra steering rack and install kit 630
Maximum Motorsports adjustable lower trailing arms 380
Maximum Motorsports Panhard bar 350
Ford Racing upper trailing arms 120
Lincoln Town Car master cylinder 47
Lincoln Mark VII rear rotors 106
'05 Mustang GT wheels 400
Total $10,527
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The Don-#002
The Don-#002

I had one of these, dam i still miss it!

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