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Car Craft 1969 Mercury Cougar Project Named "Super Cat" - Rear View

By , Photography by Bob D'Olivo

The Car Craft Super Cat If you ignore all the goofball cat puns in the edit, you might notice that the CC Cougar project we built to give away in 1969 was pretty cool. Editor John Raffa and Dyno Don Nicholson pulled the engine of a new 428-powered '69 Cougar, blueprinted it, and dropped it back in to compete in F/Stock drag racing. The car was equipped with a set of low-hanging headers from Jardine's, which explains the nose-up attitude, and it ran 13.46 at 105 mph. Later, the car was given away as part of an ad campaign for the Coca-Cola Co. There isn't a lot more information about this car available, as the magazine guys were also building a Ford Econoline Van and Hemi 'Cuda project at the same time. If anyone knows where this car is, we'd love to hear from you.

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