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John Balow's 1969 Chevy Camaro - The Coolest Camaro In The World

John Balow's '69 Camaro

By Mark Ehlen, Photography by

TMI and Auto Top Shop custom leather houndstooth extended seat covers
Vintage Air complete heating and A/C package
Flaming River 33-inch paintable tilt column 2-inch od
Vintage Auto Radio stock AM radio converted to AM/FM with iPod input
Master Shift auto shifter
Bump shifter hidden in console controlled by stock shift handle
Paddle shifters behind steering wheel
Gear indicator LED in dash next to wiper switch
Autoloc stock window crank controls the power windows
HiTech Motorsports 5.7L LS1 block
Block decked 0.060 inch
4.8L crank destroked to 3.16 inches
Crank lathe-balanced to reduce rotating mass
Crank offset-ground 0.200 inch for 1.88-inch Honda rod size
Eagle 6.2-inch lightweight rods
5.7 head chambers milled to 50 cc
Raised intake port floors
5.7 heads decked 0.040 inch to help raise compression
Manley flat-top 3.905-inch forged pistons
Hand-filed Total Seal rings 0.018/top, 0.014/second, 0.015/oil
Edelbrock Victor Jr intake with filled runners to match heads
Trick Flow pressure regulator
MSD 6010 ignition control for LS based engines
Comp Cams custom, 0.610/0.545 lift, 274/289 duration at 0.006, 115 LSA
Magnum 3/8-inch pushrods 7.350/7.300 intake/exhaust
Nextek 1.29-inch polished dual springs
Cometic MLS head gasket
Harland Sharp heavy-duty rockers with upgraded needle fulcrum
Champ oil pan
Custom windage tray
Hooker headers
Full ceramic coated 2-inch custom exhaust
Dynaflow mufflers
Custom coil mount plate to rotate coils to fit under valve cover
Tall Champ small-block valve covers modified to be LS coil covers
Custom-length spark plug wires exit rear of valve covers
Powergrip shrink radiator hose clamps
Be Cool radiator
Be Cool 11-inch dual puller fan with paddle blades
Vintage Air accessory drive End

By Mark Ehlen
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