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2004-2009 Ford Mustang Model Comparison - Jack Of All Trades

After Nearly 50 Years In Production, The Mustang Proves It Truly Is A . . .

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Models and Variations
'05-'09 V-6
Base price:
Find one now for: $9,000-don't pay more than that
Pros: Lightest of all models-3,300-pound curb weight, thousands were made, inexpensive to buy now.
Cons: Engine swap will add to cost of build considerably.
Summary: Treat the purchase of a V-6 car as if you were buying a body in white and factor in the cost of an engine and transmission swap.

'05-'09 GT
Base price: $26,900
Find one now for: $11,500-$15,000
Pros: Bulletproof drivetrain, not so special as to command high prices.
Cons: Weak brakes. This is your best option for a new project car. Find one with a decent body and get to work. 3,425-pound curb weight.

'06-'07 Shelby GT-H
Base price: Not sold to the public.
Find one now for: $30,000.
Pros: Lower ride height and a cool appearance package.
Cons: Rental only, only 500 made. Ford and Shelby struck a deal to offer the GT-H Mustang at a few Hertz locations, mostly in the warm weather states. The cars came only in black with gold stripes, had a unique hood and grille, and were fitted with Ford Racing's Power Pack (cold-air intake, bigger throttle body, tuned ECM, after-cat exhaust) and the Handling Pack (1.5-inch lowering springs, special shocks and sway bars, 3.55:1 axle ratio). The GT-H only came with an automatic transmission. Hertz supposedly sold them off after their time in service was over.

'07-'08 Shelby GT
Base price: $35,000
Find one now for: Mid-$20K
Pros: All the goodness of the GT-H for sale to the general public; automatic and manual transmissions were offered.
Cons: Will always be more expensive to buy than a GT. You may not want to modify it once you own it. The GT-H was so well received that a consumer version was made available to the public the following year. These cars were available with both automatic and manual transmissions. Engine mods upped the horsepower to 320.

'08-'09 Bullitt
Base price: $31,075
Find one now for: $20,000
Pros: Highland Green paint, cool badge and spoiler-delete, unique interior, lowered ride height, upgraded springs and shocks.
Cons: Limited production-about 10,700 made between '08 and '09. Ford brought back the Bullitt in 2008. Like the Shelby GT, it got several engine and suspension upgrades from the Ford Racing catalog. The cars got 3.73:1 gears and more aggressive cam timing. This may be the best looking of the '05-'09 models.

'07-'09 GT500
Base price: $41,950
Find one now for: $35,000
Pros: Supercharged 5.4 and a TR-6061 transmission.
Cons: Expensive and heavy. Extra weight over front suspension creates more understeer. The Shelby GT500 was introduced in 2007 as the top of the Mustang lineup. Making 500 hp, it was the most powerful Mustang built to that point. For the drag racer, huge horsepower is a supercharger swap away. Canyon carvers and road racers will need to put this beast on a serious diet-they weigh nearly 4,000 pounds.

'08-'09 Shelby GT500KR
Base price ('08): $79,995
Find one now for: Just as much if not more.
Pros: 540 hp, 3.73 gears, cool carbon-fiber hood, 11.92 at 120 mph at the dragstrip.
Cons: Way more money, still too heavy, used in Knight Rider remake. KR (king of the road) Mustangs are GT500s specially modified to Shelby's specs. They were treated to a supercharger upgrade, as well as better brakes and suspension.

'07-'09 Super Snake
Base Price ('09): the cost of a GT500 plus $28,000
Find one now for: Don't even bother to look.
Pros: Ultraexclusive, 700 plus hp.
Cons: Ultraexpensive, destined to be a collector's car. This is not exactly a factory car. To get a Super Snake, you had to first buy a GT500, then you had to send to Shelby (along with a substantial amount of ca$h). Your car was rebuilt at Shelby's facilities in Las Vegas with Baer six-piston caliper brakes with cooling ducts, Ford Racing adjustable shocks, headers and free-flowing exhaust, plus a raft of carbon-fiber body parts. The big story, though, was your choice of the supercharger upgrades: either a 600hp version or a 725hp one. Choosing the latter voided the factory warranty. Now that's cool.

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