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John D'Andreas 1969 AMC AMX & Nick Holms 1974 Chevy Nova - Readers' Pages

Photography by Courtesy of GM

Rookie Season
Who: Bill Mattingly
What: '69 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Where: Louisville, KY
Why: Bill waited until he was 46 years old to ask the wife for a Camaro. She told him it was his call. Now he's driving this 10-second '69 and kicking himself for not asking sooner. He Says: "This picture is of my first pass. For anyone who has never been in a car this fast, all I can say is, 'Put it to the floor, let off the button, and hold on!' I sure wish I had started doing this 25 years ago."

The Challenger: 4-0
Forty years old-that's the age of the Dodge Challenger this year, and since it's alive and well, things are looking pretty promising that there won't be a broken hip in its near future. In the mood for a quick history lesson? Too bad, here goes: The '70 Challenger arrived on the scene in the fall of 1969 and could be had only as a two-door hardtop or soft top. It used the Barracuda's platform, but the wheelbase was stretched 2 inches. You could get a base model, SE, R/T, or T/A, and various engines were available, including a 225ci inline-six and a 440ci V-8.

A TorqueFlite and a three- or four-speed standard trans were available. By 1972, the engine options dropped from nine to three. In 1978, a two-door coupe was imported from Mitsubishi with a 1.6L inline-four and a 2.6L four-banger. And in 1984, the Challenger was replaced by the Conquest-also from Mitsubishi. Cut to 2008: It's back.

Optional SVT Performance Package
Ford has unveiled the SVT Performance Package for the '11 Shelby GT500, allowing it to clock in 3 seconds faster per lap than the '10 GT500 (Ford ran it on a 2.3-mile test track to get that number), plus it can pull 1 lateral g and has an improved stopping distance over the base '11 Shelby. Stuff that makes the car track ready (track readier?) includes all-new, unidirectional, corner-specific Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperCar G:2 tires with a new tread compound (SVT engineers dealt directly with Goodyear on creating the rubber), lightweight wheels, a new 3.73 rear axle ratio, a lower ride height, tuned shocks, stiffer springs, and a special rear spoiler.


Light 'Em Up
If you haven't sent in a photo for Burnout!!, your car probably doesn't run. Get it going and send the photos to our new address, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245, or email it to with a single photo size of at least 1 MB. Files smaller than 1 MB annoy and disturb Mrs. 12 Gauge!

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