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John D'Andreas 1969 AMC AMX & Nick Holms 1974 Chevy Nova - Readers' Pages

Photography by Courtesy of GM

The $59 Engine Build
Man alive, that article (Apr. '10) brought back memories. In 1957, I blew up the V-8 in my '40 Ford. A buddy at school knew where I could get a 59A complete engine for free. The engine was seized with rust, so we dunked the thing in a large tub of some kind of penetrating oil over a weekend. We got it to turn over and did a compression check using a finger, and it was deemed finger fine. We did a tune-up and played with it until it fired up. Good enough! We then pulled the old engine and put in the new one in an afternoon. The total expenditure was maybe $15 for a 20hp increase, and it ran sumpin' fierce until I sold it and went into the Navy. -George Frick, via email

Good Article On Mod Motors
These motors love lots of boost and can handle it. A good example is John Mihovetz running a 4.6 with a stock aluminum Cobra block and B dual-port four-valve heads. It makes 2,300 hp at 52 pounds of boost. He won the '08 PSCA Pro Street class with a best time of 6.31 at 229 mph. Name the stock production automobile block that can handle that kind of boost. You can't. Give a thought to maybe a 5.4 four-valve Lincoln Navigator motor with a hair dryer hanging on it for your next engine build. -Bruce Rawlings, Greenfield, MN

Editorial Inabilities
Perhaps Glad has been spending too much time building $59 engines. Don't you guys have anyone who can actually edit the magazine? A few months ago you wrote a short thing on some work at the proving grounds where 12 archaeological sites were found, and you made a dinosaur joke. I, sir, am an archaeologist and I don't (expletive) dig up dinosaurs. That is paleontology. Archaeology would be people. If you guys are that hard up for dependable help, send me an advanced copy and some red pens and I'll be happy to help out for a free subscription and a credit in the mag. -James Thomas, digs up people

7-Second Reads
•There's a bill in Maryland under consideration that could send street racers to jail, even if the race does not end with anyone injured or worse
•The Chevy Suburban is 75 this year
•Lincoln Electric's 13th annual Motorsports Welding School is in session. You can learn the basics of welding and even work your way up to the advanced techniques. For a schedule of the five-day classes, visit
•Hot Wheels and Danica Patrick are working together on a car she is designing. Yes, it'll be called Danicar. Raise your hand if you didn't see that coming.
•Heard of the National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington, D.C.? Then you probably didn't know there was a display with the John Dillinger '33 Essex Teraplane getaway car. That one is gone and has been replaced by the '68 VW Beetle driven by Ted Bundy. The museum says it will use the deadly car to teach visitors how not to become victims of crime.
•Hollywood has multiple film projects in the works about John DeLorean.
•Cool new clothing dedicated to Dodge vehicles, including T's with the Super Bee, Challenger, and Charger logos, can be had from

Corvette C6.R
The second-gen C6.R from Cor-vette Racing has nabbed a new 5.5L, production-based, small-block V-8, the naturally aspirated LS5.5R, which is based on the Z06 7.0L LS7; the car itself stems from the ZR1. The C6.R will compete in the new unified GT class in American Le Mans and the GT2 class of 24 Hours of Le Mans, where rules include equipping the race car with as many production-based components as possible. Among the shared ZR1 production items are the aluminum framerails (also used on the Z06), windshield frame, drivetrain tunnel, firewall, floorpan, door-hinge pillars, aluminum frame, chassis structure, and steering column.

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