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John D'Andreas 1969 AMC AMX & Nick Holms 1974 Chevy Nova - Readers' Pages

Photography by Courtesy of GM

From the '79 issue
Who: John D'Andrea
What: '69 AMC AMX
Where: Raceway Park, NJ
Why: John's AMX was featured in the Feb. '79 issue of Car Craft as part of an AMC builder's guide, and he still owns and races the car. In 1979, it ran 10.8 at 124 with a 5.13 gear and a 390 with 11.6:1 compression and a monster roller cam. Looks like little has changed.

Only 1,600-1,800 HP
Who: Jason Hardie
What: '65 Plymouth Barracuda
Where: Burford, Ontario, Canada
Why: We love this thing. The soon-to-be drag car is going to pack a 510-inch big-block Chevy that will run on nitromethane. Jason was smart enough to enlist the help of Smax Smith and Mark Morris, both builders of Top Fuel cars.
He Says: "Even though I can't really afford this, life is too short not to."

Mopar Drag Pak is Back
In 2009, Mopar introduced the Dodge Challenger Drag Pak program and promptly sold out of the 100 factory-built race cars. Thankfully, it's returning for 2010: a not-street-legal 6.1L Hemi V-8 Challenger you can get with a four-speed auto or six-speed manual tranny. It's based on the SRT8 Challenger and sanctioned for NHRA Stock, Super Stock, and Comp Eliminator racing. Drag race components (that dump 1,000 pounds from the production car) include a composite lift-off hood with functional scoop, Viper-style front seats, a cable-operated decklid release, lightweight front brake assemblies, and polycarbonate door windows. The MSRP is $39,999, and the car will go into production in the summer. To order one, you have to go to and fill out an application.

Almost Has The Wheel Up
Who: Kevin Hunt
What: '70 Dodge Dart
Where: Decatur, IL
Why: This is what mid-11s look like when you are driving a Dart. The front end almost wants to leave the ground. It works as a bracket car because of the column-shifted 727 and reasonable 3,800-rpm converter. It is 360 powered.

That's a what?
Who: Nick Holms
What: '74 Chevrolet Nova
Where: Somewhere in or near Texas.
Why: The Nova is cool enough. Then we saw the 13b-RE rotary this guy plans on installing. Nick says it came from a Eunos Cosmo, whatever that is. We're thinking a big car with a little high-winding engine might make a good road race car. The spec sheet says 600 hp with 25 pounds of turbo boost.

Blown Part Of The Month
Last month we introduced this section as a way to flaunt readers' broken parts. This photo shows a Buick crank that turned and burned before it was pulled from a core 455. Note the black throws and ribbed bearing surface. Can you do better? Send it via email to with Blown Up! in the subject line and receive your magazine glory.

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