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1967 Buick Special Wagon - Powder Blue

Greg Peterson Owns A Powdercoating Business. This '67 Buick Is His Test Subject.

By , Photography by Wes AlIison

Suspension: "This was going to be an airbag car from the beginning," Greg tells us. His Buick is home to a full front and rear set of Air Ride Technologies' Strong Arm suspension parts. The kit comes with everything: control arms, sway bars, bushings, air tank, and controller. Greg's one deviation was using a set of Heidts front spindles in place of the stock GM ones. Some may scoff at airbag cars, saying they're show car only, but their owners beg to differ. Greg swears the car handles like a Corvette.

Brakes: Wilwood provides the stopping power via pairs of 13- and 12-inch rotors on the front and rear of the car. They are gripped, of course, by a set of Wilwood forged calipers.

Wheels/Tires: While the Air Ride suspension contributes to this car's in-the-weeds look, the effect is exaggerated by the oversized 18- and 20-inch Budnik Gasser wheels with 235/45R18 and 275/35R20 Nitto NT555 tires stretched tightly around them.

Paint/Body: Greg did all the sheetmetal work in-house, shaving the door handles and frenching in a set of Buick GS fender vents. Scott Steadman sprayed the Brittany blue and Lexus pearl-white paint scheme. Lenni the Pinstriper of Krazy Kolors Painting did the lettering and silver leaf work.

Interior: Greg turned his local street rod shop guys loose inside the car, and the result is a bit of a departure from what the Buick designers had imagined in 1967. Lakeside Rods redid the dash, fitting an Auto Meter tach to the left of the speedometer and setting a trio of smaller gauges into a mesh bezel on the right side of the dash. Old Skool Kustoms did the upholstery, covering the original seats with cloth from a '67 Caddy. The company also added the Alpine sound system. One especially cool touch is the speaker grilles in the door panels that mirror the fender vents. L&L Street rods handled all the wiring and hid the Air Ride suspension controller box in the ashtray.

"This is my eBay beater.There are a lot of eBay parts on this car."
Greg Peterson

Thanks: Greg wants to thank his wife, Linda, and all the employees at Extreme Powder Coating.

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