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1965 Chevrolet II Vintage Drag Car - Readers' Pages

Vintage Drag Car
Brian Kobylinski Sr.
What: '65 Chevrolet II
Where: Chicago-area Racetracks
Why: This car raced in the Chicagoland circuit (Rockford/Byron, US30, Great Lakes) in the '70s before it was retired and packed in storage in 1981. Recently, it was reassembled with a new 700hp mill and a TH400 with a transbrake and ran 10.70 at 134 at the Wisconsin International Raceway. Brian retained the original vintage parts, including the interior, paint, and lettering on the body.
He Says: "The paintwork was performed by a guy named Stits-freehand with lots of leaf."

Early Hemi Build
Anthony Bridgette
What: '67 Plymouth Belvedere
Where: Monterey, CA
Why: "The computer says 900 hp and 745 lb-ft of torque," Anthony says. We'll assume the computer was attached to a dyno, making this Hemi more than enough for the 9-inch in the rear.

Early Pro Touring
Steve Lemieux
What: '65 Chevrolet Corvette
Where: Clarkston, MI
Why: It's hard to ignore the big meats and kickstands on this '65. The engine is a 327-inch small-block with a Muncie four-speed.

Mike Zurl
What: '68 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Where: Remsenburg, NY
Why: Mike built this car to combat rising gas prices. While his friends drive machines with high-compression, big-cubic-inch engines using $14-per-gallon racing fuel, he built a 496 to run on $3-per-gallon, 93-octane pump gas. This monster made 680 hp and 650 lb-ft using a Comp Cams roller, aluminum heads, an 850 carb, and 10.5:1 compression.
He Says: "The car is capable of going 9.80s all day long on street slicks and is fairly affordable to drive."

Daniel Miller
What: '65 Chevrolet Malibu
Where: We're thinking East Coast.
Why: We just love tubs, especially when there is a stock 454 and TH400 dragging them down the street. In the eighth-mile, this cars is in the mid-7s.
We Say: We recommend some nitrous.

Homebuilt Turbo
Joe Decaro
What: '67 Pontiac LeMans
Where: Spokane, WA
Why: Joe Decaro is a Chevelle guy, but he couldn't resist this '67 Pontiac LeMans. The first thing he did was hoist the stock engine and swap in a 355 Chevy and a homebuilt turbo kit. Using a set of Patriot headers flipped upside down and a couple of $150 T3/T4 turbos from eBay, the car is an exercise in the art of the welder, a bandsaw, and beer. He expects to put it in the 10s.

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