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1967 Chevrolet Camaro - The Lost Z/28

How Ignorance And Blind Luck Contributed To The Deal Of A Lifetime

By , Photography by , Wes AlIison

The Z/28 Option

The whole reason the Z/28 was created was to compete with the Fords and Mopars in the SCCA Trans-Am series. The over 2.0L class limited displacement to 5.0 liters, or 305 ci. Since Chevy didn't have a 5.0L engine, it responded in classic car crafter fashion by building a 302ci engine using a small-journal 327 4.00-inch-bore block and a forged-steel 3.00-inch-stroke 283 crankshaft. The cam was the classic Duntov 30-30 mechanical lifter camshaft along with a set of 462 iron 2.02/1.60-inch valve heads, an aluminum dual-plane intake manifold, and a Holley carburetor.

Since this was a road race car, Chevy bolted on a set of RPO J52 four-piston disc brake calipers and then specified a set of 15 x 6-inch Rally wheels mounted with 7.35 x 15-inch tires. A Muncie four-speed was the only transmission available (close ratio was standard, wide ratio was optional) along with a standard 3.73:1 rear gear and a factory-installed traction bar. This was back in the day when you could also get as deep as a 4.88:1 gear straight off the factory order form. The minimal Z/28 package in 1967 was the engine, four-speed, a 3.73:1-geared 12-bolt, and power disc brakes. Other options such as the RS package, headers, cowl induction, an air cleaner, a vinyl top, the spoiler package, and tach and gauges were available. My car did have a few options, including a tinted windshield, a console, and Positraction, along with a radio and a heater.

Everyone knows there were only 602 of these cars built in 1967. What I've never uncovered (not that I've looked very hard) is the number of Z/28s delivered for sale with the California emissions package. This has to reduce the number down to perhaps a few dozen at most.

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Great story  is the car still yours now ? and is it restored  you should please do a fallow up story 

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